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Nursery & Playgroup Photography

Our approach to nursery and playgroup photography is a little different from the more traditional methods.

Rather than taking a quick snap of each child then moving quickly on to the next, we spend a few minutes capturing a variety of poses and expressions. These are then presented on a free proof card within seven days, giving the parents a good choice of images from which they may order picture packages. These start at 12, enabling two or even all three pictures to be purchased at a reasonable cost. All picture packs are presented in quality strut mounts, making them exceptional value for money.

Commission is of course payable to the nursery and due to our more modern style of photography this tends to result in greater sales to parents, generating higher levels of commission overall.  All cash / cheques are sealed in an envelope with the proof card at the time of ordering, relieving staff from the responsibility of collecting payment from each parent. The cards are then collected, processed and the finished packs delivered back to you in around a week.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our services, if you would like to arrange a no-obligation viewing of our finished picture packs or if you wish to check our availability for a particular date.